I have been working with wood for over 30 years. A carpenter, joiner and cabinet maker, I believe in bringing the skill and finesse of the cabinet maker to everything I do.

The integrity of the piece and the craft is foremost – the only thing that matters.


We pay lip service to carbon foot printing, sourced materials, recycling, organic methods – but how many of us are really ready to draw the line and stand by it?

Most stuff nowadays is made with such speed, as cheaply as possible, badly constructed and with inferior material, yet is still very expensive.

Our resources really are finite and you get what you pay for – if not now, in the near future.

In this spirit, I use non-toxic or the least toxic materials. Absolutely no MDF – [carcinogenic to work with and no-one knows what goes on with it in your home or workplace. ]

I take every effort to work with the slowest grown and naturally dried timber. Items are constructed with traditional centuries old jointing methods using the most up to date tools.

As simple, beautiful and practical as possible within the design brief. And, should the piece ever outlive its usefulness, able to be taken apart and recycled into something new.

Guaranteed to last for at least twenty five years – hopefully for a lifetime.


Our concept of what things are worth seems to have been turned on its head – We spend freely on holidays, fashion, eating out – fleeting things – but when it comes to things that should be built to be durable and hard wearing – from flooring to cabinets to furniture – we drift into false economy.

Think about it, would it not be better economically, to say nothing of saving our finite resources, if you just paid the real price for quality and craftsmanship?

Real craftsmanship may seem expensive but you are paying for stability, guarantee of work, finish and longevity.

Break the cost down over the period of time that the piece will last and it really does come out to less than what you spend down the pub, in the coffee shop or the shopping mall.

And for the same price you might pay for a mass-produced ‘Designer’ labelled piece, you can get an individually custom-built piece that is hand crafted and truly unique to you.